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If the last few years have taught us anything, it’s that life and time and freedom are guaranteed to no one.  It taught me to live fully and purposefully, to explore and appreciate the world, immerse myself in different cultures and to explore the simple joys of life. 


Above all, it drove home the deep human need for connection and meaningful relationships.   


My raison d’etre as a companion is to nurture theses kinds of relationships.  Each one a carefully curated partnership. Sharing the most intimate parts of our being. Growing stronger over the course of time. Built on trust at an emotional, spiritual and physical level.


What is it that you seek?  Something warm and gentle or something passionate and intense?  Perhaps a bit of both.  Whether it’s a brief respite from your day to day or a lingering over drinks at a Michelin star, I can make every moment we share memorable. 

Smol but Mighty

I am 29 years old, 5’3” with a classic hourglass figure.  Upon first glance people often say that my best feature is my kissable lips or my hazel green eyes.  But then in private they tell me that it’s definitely my 40” booty lol.  Irregardless, I’m the perfect little package - dynamite, if you will.

Sunshine Personified

At the intersection of the sun and cats is where you’ll find me - a Leo through and through.  I may be a bit shy and reserved at first, cautious if you will but it is the process of opening up to someone new that I find so intoxicating. Build an authentic bond with me and you’ll have me eating out of the palm of your hand

Endless Summer

You may have guessed by now that travel is one of my core passions.  In fact over the past few years I’ve become increasingly nomadic - wintering in the Caribbean, Latin America and Southeast Asia.  Truthfully though, following the sun around the globe is only one part of what fuels my wanderlust.  The other, is food.  From tacos to ceviche, to hand-pulled street noodles, to “you can’t eat that” chili peppers - I love to explore different cultures through their cuisine.  Gastronomic + orgasmic = me ;)

Show Me a Good Time

I’m a simple girl at heart - a warm summer day, a nice bottle of wine and good conversation with a well heeled man is a simple recipe thats sure to have me beaming.  Oh, you’d like to see me go from beaming to swooning? Try massages at Myblend, seafood towers, Cirque de Soleil or shopping for something sexy. Or surprise me, but warn me before you surprise me - I’m super type A and I hate surprises lol.

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