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What can I expect on a first encounter?

A proper introduction takes time.  I always suggest that a first meeting is a minimum of 3 hours and begin with a drink or cup of coffee at a nearby establishment.  

In my experience the best dates are organic and unfold naturally. So treat me like you would a blind date that your best friend has set up for you.  Except that I show up exactly as you’ve dreamed, leave my phone in my purse and am totally and unabashedly fixated on you!  You’re a well-mannered, respectful gentleman, I’m a lady that loves to be pampered and spoiled.  After the introductions and some playful flirting we can head back to our accommodations.

You can open the wine (and yes, you should always bring wine) while I slip into something a little more comfortable. Now that we’re in the privacy of our suite, you can feel free to open up about what it is that you desire. Don’t be shy or intimidated - communication is foundation of what we are building. 

When the moment is right, I’ll show you to the shower and excuse myself to light some candles and set the mood. When you return, you’ll find me ready, and waiting to have an unforgettable time together.   

How Can I Make a Stellar First Impression?

Feed me :)

They say the way to a girls heart is through her stomach.  Eating and drinking together is such a great way to break the ice and get acquainted. For dates of 4+ hours it's customary to enjoy lunch/dinner and drinks at a nice establishment.  But for shorter dates its never a mistake to pick up some red wine and a charcuterie board. And although I'm not much of a sweet tooth I do enjoy macaroons, fresh pastries from time to time.

Book Enough Time

Especially on a first meeting but also in general.  As I alluded to earlier, I’m selective about who I spend my time with, and I’m looking for long term partners who are serious about building a meaningful relationship with me.  Those who feed me on dinner dates and treat me to all day outings will ultimately be the ones to win my favor.


Be on Time 

Nothing kills a mood more than making a good woman wait.  I have an incredibly full life and time management is how I keep all the balls in the air and stay sane.  Me and someone who doesn’t respect my time are never going to work out and as such I only provide a 15 minute grace period to the start of your appointment.   Don’t be the one who doesn’t plan for parking or downtown traffic.


Be Discrete

If you are arriving at my location please do be discrete.  Do not linger in the lobby before or after our time together. If you’re having issues finding your way then please step and around the corner and I’ll be sure to come and get you.  As well, when we’re out together, discretion is paramount.  After all, the nature of our relationship is nobody’s business.

Be Freshly Shaven

If you shave your face regularly, please freshly shave the day of our date.  I have sensitive skin and stubble makes it difficult to kiss.  Manscaping is also highly appreciated - trust me, you’ll thank me later.

Handle with Care

Please do not be grabby or aggressive in any way - I find it off-putting and so unsexy.  I bruise like a peach and abhor any kind of behavior that might be considered degrading.  If you have any doubts please ASK.   Be gentle with me and I’ll melt into your arms and in your mouth.

Be Yourself

If I’ve accepted a booking from you its because I want to know you. Tell me what drew you to me (I love hearing that stuff).  Tell me what you’re passionate about. Or just tell a funny story. Or tell me what reality TV series is your guilty pleasure (I love hearing that stuff too lol).


Still have questions?  I've put some of the most recurring nitty gritty details below.


Screening is mandatory for my safety and non-negotiable.  Rest assured, privacy and discretion are of utmost importance to me. Personal information will be deleted after our date.  If you are a celebrity or senior executive and unable to screen please click here.

Hours and Availabilty

I am available to be scheduled between the hours of 11am-10pm (dates of 3+hours may finish at 11pm.

I am a fastidious planner, as such I am not available for same day appointments, nor do I provide the ability to extend appointments once they have begun.

Prebook and err on the side of booking more time if you’re unsure.

Location, TTC, Parking 

I have access to 2 well appointed incall locations in downtown Toronto. I also offer outcalls to 4 or 5 star hotels downtown for a $50 travel fee. Outside of downtown additional charges apply.

Both locations are easily accessible within a short walk of the subway or from paid parking if you happen to be driving.

What Services Do You Provide

Are you seeking a menu of services or wish to know if I have any restrictions?  Click here 

Preferred Clientele

I welcome men, and couples of all backgrounds. I do not discriminate against race, gender or sexual orientation.  I prioritize those who make thoughtful introductions and plan memorable dates.

If you are new to companionship please let me know. I take a special pride in making sure you feel at ease and that your experience is memorable and stress free.

Cancellation and Rescheduling Policies

All cancellations result in forfeit of deposit.  Cancellations within 48 hours will be charged 50%

You are able to reschedule an appointment, without penalty, one time with at least 48 hours notice, the new date must be within 2 weeks of the original time.

Extended Dates - Overnights, FMTY & FYTM

I am a creature of habit with a very particular nighttime routine and therefore do not offer overnights.

FMTY are a privilege reserved for regular clientele who are able to accommodate my particulate travel quirks.  These included but are not limited to; not traveling to the US, requiring the privacy of my own

flight and hotel room, 11am-11pm companion hours.

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