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Rates are shown for Toronto, a 20% deposit is required for new clientele, this can be sent via e-transfer, Bitcoin, or an e-gift card of my choosing.

Be prepared to pay the remainder of my rate in cash at the beginning of our date. It will be an uncomfortable start for both of us if I have to ask, so please don’t make me!

If we are meeting in a public setting please have the donation ready in an envelope, card, or small gift bag to pass it discretely.

Outcalls: Please add $50 to my rate if you are within downtown, inquire about further areas within GTA.

In-Date Extensions: I do not offer this, I am a planner and have my day organized around our date for the set duration that we have agreed on.

Duos: Their rate + mine, matched to the higher amount. If you have someone in mind, please include their information in your request message. I’m happy to make a suggestion as well!

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